Thursday, December 24, 2009

Simple Gifts

Sometimes, the very best gifts are the ones you least expect. My favorite gifts are those that allow me to slow down and savor my life and those I love. As our dear girl grows and matures, I am presented with daily gifts from this little fiery biscuit in the form of songs (carols as of late...she sings the 12 Days of Christmas perfectly from the Fifth Day down), grown up words (she used "actually" this morning referring to the ice on the river and had us both in stitches), and handmade artworks.

I'll cherish this handmade card always. I'm sure her teacher helped her with the writing of her name, but this is priceless and innocent and marks a stage in my girl's growth into a little person. Can you tell I am a proud mama? Another gift comes in the form of time to spend as a family during my husband's vacation. I get the gift to observe father and daughter being silly, discussing football, and cuddling while sharing a good book. Can you tell that I am a proud mama and wife?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Quench household to yours!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

7 Days

I just arrived safely from the busiest week ever. I've chronicled parts in photos...

A holiday open house last Saturday. 50+ folks and kids joined us to kick off the season with nibbles, punch and a glass or two of wine. Everything went smoothly except the deviled eggs (the very same eggs that consumed much of my Friday morning....note to self: fresh eggs do not peel well) were never put out. I'm done with deviled eggs.

Beautified the abode inside and out with bows cut from our garden and surrounding woods.

Snow! The first significant snowfall arrived. Both the dog and AnnaB enjoyed a snowball toss and catch game. I did not enjoy shoveling.

She stole my gloves. We are seriously underprepared for this winter. The girl needs:
bibbed snowpants
warm parka
smart wool socks
earmuffs (this is her request)

A trip to LL Bean this coming week!

Winterworks at the Hope Spinnery in Hope, Maine. Thanks to Bill for hosting this event!! This was my last show for the year. A great collection of vendors in a most beautiful venue.

Caps from Dory at Worthy Goods. I know someone getting one for X-mas :)

Quilted coasters and multi-purpose cloths from Kirsten at Anabelfuzz. I know someone who will be getting an Anabelfuzz smock, too!

Lovely bonnets from Anabelfuzz as well!

And to top of my week with a sweet note, the most incredible chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers. Pure heaven. My sister and I shared (believe me, it was difficult not to run away and savor this all by myself) milk chocolate "bark" with peanuts, ground coffee beans, and a light sprinkling of sea salt. I think I have found the world's most perfect food!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winterworks 2009

I will be participating in Winterworks 2009, an Maine Artisan Holiday Sale and Fundraiser at the Hope Spinnery in Hope, Maine. The opening reception and sale is this Friday, December 11th from 6:30-9pm. The sale continues Saturday, December 12th from 10am-5pm. Also vending at the sale are my friends Dory from Worthy Goods and Kirsten from Anabelfuzz.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is more time. If that can't be arranged, perhaps you could see fit to slow my time down. You see, it was just summer and, then one morning, I woke to autumn in full swing. Autumn flew by and now it is December. The days are hurtling by like a locomotive and I'm helpless but to stand and be blown by the breeze. Thank you, Santa.

Sincerely, Jen