Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kale, Shows, and Cabbage

Summer is precious.
The days, even though longer than our dark winter hours, fly by with reckless abandon. Balancing studio time, family outings, gardening,
relaxation, and other nameless projects is a daily task.

I just (well, the past Sunday, but it has taken me days to recover) finished my first show of the season.
It was unnaturally hot and humid for a coastal Maine weekend.
The crowds were light in attendance, but my sales were wonderful.

Which brings me back to studio to restock my inventory for my future shows.

Onto garden news....

While padding around the garden during a much needed studio break, I snapped some
photos of happy growing things. I started a whole bunch of seeds this spring,
and the only survivors are these nasturiums.
Bravo, little plants!

I have never grown kale! Such healthy, disease resistant plants these kale are...
perfect for a sausage and potato soup!

Purple cabbage...the family (namely Mr. Quench) is not a fan of cabbage.
I desperately wanted some color in the veggie garden and those purple seedlings
just had to come home with me.

Purple cabbage rolls, anyone?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready, Set....

Summer has been busy. What summer isn't, right?
Trips to the beach, gardening, home improvement projects,
and LOTS of jewelry to be made.

This coming weekend marks the start of my summer show schedule.

Harbor Arts Fine Art Festival
July 17 & 18
9am-5pm daily
Camden, Maine

The fruits of my toils.
More still to make.....

Have a wonderful week!