Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Work, Old Work

Perhaps it is the longer days, or the receding snow, or the single blooming yellow crocus in my garden...whatever 'IT' is, I have been inspired to devote more time to the creative process and less time wallowing in the late winter/early spring blahs I experienced a few weeks back. Now that the studio has risen from the dank cellar, production time has increased (with the occasional scolding for my dear girl now that we are sharing space..."This is mama's: Don't touch that: Those are sharp!!") More new work to come in the following weeks!
1. more daylight!
2. rainy days and nights
3. parenting birds (see #9)
4. fiddleheads
5. asparagus
6. lambs!
7. prepping the gardens
8. new growth from my perennials
9. watching the eagles (watch out! this is addictive!)
10. making Easter Eggs
How does Spring sing to you??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purses with Purpose, etc.

The Portland, Maine Ronald McDonald will host the fourth annual "Purses with Purpose, etc" this coming June. Rather than a fundrasier, this event has been dubbed a fun-raiser! This brooch is my donation to the cause.

A vintage (of course!) mother of pearl button set in an ornate sterling silver bezel with a hand-forged heart sewn on with palladium wire, accented with ruby beads. I hope this brooch fetches a generous amount for a very worthy cause!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Work

New necklace!!! Oxidized sterling silver, vintage mother of pearl buttons, and 18k gold rivets. Hand pierced filigree frame, roller print textured background. To be listed soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


During our fifth season here in Maine, aptly called Mud Season, I yearn for inspiration in any form. Yes...I know...spring is around the corner but is hesitant to make her appearance. Brown, spoiled, mud-splattered landscapes replace the brilliance of snowcover. When the crocuses delay their emerging and the rains never fall to wash away this unsightly muck, I turn my attention towards creative avenues that distract my bleak opinion towards nature.

Last Mud Season, I focused on felt and embroidery (which ultimately inspired my return to jewelry after a LONG hiatus...but that is a story for another post). This year, I have teamed up with Kim Brennan of Helping Hands Pottery and a fellow Etsy Maine Team member. Kim has created miniature dioramas depicting pastoral farmsteads and forests. She approached me a over our usual Wednesday night brew to design settings for these sweet little sculptures. I heartily agreed and a collaboration was born.

I receive much joy and fulfillment working with a comrade, creating splendid items. The moment when her dioramas find homes in my ring settings is much like spotting the first crocus of spring....a harbinger of great things to come!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just HAD to share my favorite new handmade item! Melissa from Little Pink House made this adorable family portrait for me. I am just nutty about her work! Words can not adequately express the joy I feel when I look at this sweet little piece!! Oh, the thrill of custom, handmade loveliness!! AND, Melissa has a delightful blog that you all must check out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moving Update

Just a few boxes, one rolling mill, and a solid maple bench (calling in more muscles for those two) and the move will be complete! Look at that light! Look at that floor! Look at that wall color (it's called Contemplation by Behr)! I'm giddy!

While I adjust to my working quarters, my bench will be a bit junked up with the odd box or tool. However, I found just enough space last night to start on a customer's ring and I'm super eager to continue this morning!

So, I leave you with this:
10 Things that Make Me GIDDY!

1. coffee: French Roast with raw sugar and cream
2. sunlight!
3. daylight savings...we sprung ahead! YAY!
4. our family portrait by Little Pink House (more to come on this!)
5. "my" flock of turkeys
6. temps above freezing (melt, snow, melt)
7. my daughter's giggle
8. new friends
9. collaborations (more to come)
10. AND, blogging, of course!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cellar of Stone

In the process of studio moving, I've seen the light! In the past 15 years, I moved my studio (read: cumbersome benches, steel tools galore, torch set with heavy tanks, and an extremely heavy rolling mill) a backbreaking 8 times....of course vowing NEVER to move it again. However, life is unpredictable and those 8 moves were unavoidable.

So, this is my enlightened part: I discovered that there are items, never used, stashed away in my studio, and have been there for all 8 moves. Why do I hold onto these things? Files, hammers, engravers...never to be touched. AND, gemstones. Lots and lots of gemstones. And gemstone beads. I went through a purple amethyst, red carnelian, and bullet-shaped cabochon phase, stocked up, and used one or two in a piece. Now, I have an embarrassing amount of stones and I'm quite certain that I'll never use them.

As a part of my studio destashing efforts, I opened a new Etsy shop, Cellar of Stone! Lots of gemstones, beads, and the occasional odd bit. I'll be listing a few items each week. Be sure to check it out!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Work

Some new, some old, some reworked. All to be listed in my Etsy shop within the next week. Stay tuned for updates on the big studio move...oh, my aching back!