Friday, February 10, 2012

My Little Secret

 I'm a jewelry maker, but I'm also a jewelry deconstructor.  
(That's not a word, but I'm sticking with it.)  
See, I'll make a piece.  
I'll list the piece. 
 I'll show the piece.  
If it doesn't sell within 2 years, I'll consider breaking the piece down 
and reusing the materials in new jewelry.  

See that cone shaped thing above?  
That was a ring from a body of work made over 10 years ago.

I needed some 18k gold wire.
  I priced that needed 18k gold wire in today's market
nearly fell on the floor. 
 Gold is expensive.....darn tooting expensive.  
Enter the cone ring.  
I snipped off the shank and milled it down to 18 gauge wire.  
Problem solved.

 I have a drawer of dedicated, retired jewelry.  
Some are failures, 
some are old works, 
some are unsellable.  

All will become something new and wonderful, eventually.