Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fine Fall Day

I guess a heat loving person would cringe to think that I have deemed the remaining days of summer as autumn days. After waking up this morning to a dry, crispy 52 degrees, how can I not think of my most cherished season? With the stove ablaze to warm up the chilly floorboards, my kitchen duties focused on cooler temperature activities. Today: chocolate biscotti. Tonight: chicken stew. Tomorrow: homemade mac and cheese. The kitchen is a soulful place when the oven is on and good aromas abound. I do hope the sweet, days of summer gracefully take their leave and are replaced with fruitful fall.

Inspired by this good weather, I devoted much of this morning to my Etsy shop. I listed a few more items, cleaned up some older listings, and planned a course of action for the upcoming holiday shopping season. I'll be stocking the shop with affordable earrings and pendants
for certain.

Other fall and holiday events in the works, my first ever GIVEAWAYS! We all love giveaways, and this is the very best way to say 'thank you' for staying with me, reading my many, wordy postings, and commenting, too. Look for the first giveaway next week!

1 comment:

  1. The coral pieces are nice. I do like your new jewelry.

    I can almost smell the chocolate biscoti....delicious.