Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Return of Quench

So, I am coming back to my blog. Really. I am.
Fall was seriously busy, and, well, late 2010 is gearing
up to be nuts as well.

But, I've missed sharing with you dear people.
So, hello, I'm back.

These are some new pieces I created this past month.
Magpie Pottery's porcelain cabochons are finding elegant
new little homes. I LOVE working with these fantastic pieces.

In other news, I thought I would share an article from a local
paper up in these parts.... which ran today... hence the catalyst to
restart my blog.

I'm thinking that the blog will have a bit more structure.
I need to fine tune the schedule, but I have some ideas.

For now, it's good to be back :)


  1. Jen......Great to see a new post...super article...great pendants! ♥Sue...still love my King Chirper pendant!

  2. Welcome back! It's difficult to blog when there are so many things going on.

    I missed seeing your lovely creations.

  3. Wonderful, Jen.. I love the new pieces! I look forward to reading your blog now that I have time to write and read them..lol

  4. Welcome back Jen- We've missed reading what you've been up to. Can't wait to see more new pieces.
    -the madder root girls