Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cranky Back and Unfinished Work

Things have been slow going at the bench.
I injured my lower back while
bull riding.
(actually I was mopping the kitchen
floor... how mundane, right?)

The muscles that I tweaked in turn
pinched my sciatic nerve.  Ouch.

Sitting at the bench is nearly
impossible.  So, I have a bunch of work
waiting for finishing.

Wish me a fast(er) recovery, OK?


  1. Well that just goes to show you should never, ever mop the floor! I'm sorry you are down in the back, and hope you are back to normal very soon! Take care!

  2. See - housework IS dangerous. As a fellow siatica sufferer I feel your pain - literally. I do wish you a speedy rec Good luck.overy but don't rush it ok?

  3. Thanks ladies. This is a tough time of year to be injured.... gardens to plant, weeding to do, inventory to make, floors to mop :) I am at the bench for a bit today to finish those little button rings pictured in the post. Alternating between standing, sitting, walking every 15 minutes or so!