Monday, May 4, 2009


Never in all many years of making jewelry have I mass produced...all my jewelry is made with my own two hands. Now that this little business of mine is picking up speed and customers, I decided to make some models and get some pieces cast! What a time saver this will be...hand piercing all that filigree stuff takes FOREVER and I can't even charge enough to make enough to cover my labor. By having these little babies cast, I can keep my price point down (good for the customer), spend less time at the bench (good for my family), and more time on new pieces (good for me)!

Here's a few that I'm bringing to Maine Precious Metal Casting tomorrow. They will make a rubber mold of these metal pieces. When I order, say, 25 of a particular design, they will inject wax into the mold, sprue the waxes onto a wax "tree", burn the wax out in an oven/kiln, and inject the molten sterling into the negative space cavity left from the wax....Lost Wax Casting!!!
Yay for delegating work to worthy hands!!!

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  1. i hear you on that jen-- i have a friend who casts for me and i'm gearing up to have him do a bit of it again. i had some pieces done way back (outgrew them though)and it was a huge time saver!!

    here's to making new work!!