Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where does the time go?

Oh, shame on me! I have neglected my blog...I apologize and promise to post more often! You see, spring is here and there is much to be done in the way of gardening...mostly, weeding. And when the sun shines, my girl and I take to the outside to play, plant, and frolic about. When not outside, I have been furiously working at the bench preparing work for two retail opportunities and two craft shows. Busy, busy, busy!

More rings for the Candy Dish Collection were made this past week. These rings along with lots of earrings will find their way to a new multi-purpose space in Belfast, Maine. Meg of Love Light Studio and her musician husband are converting a great old retail spot into a gallery/ shop/ performance space. Cool things like a stage that doubles as dressing rooms and collapsible display case to make space for the evening shows are just a few excellent ideas at Roots and Tendrils. Their opening is June 5 th!

Self portrait...that's as much as you will see of my face today!


  1. Those rings look like such them.

  2. Every time I see your your candy dish collection, I get the urge to eat some hard candy! I love your new rings.

    Enjoy your Memorial weekend.

  3. i love your self portrait with all of those luscious, tasty looking rings !! haha-- but no fair --come on out from behind there...

    i wish i could come and visit you at your craft fair and see all your new work--i'm sure it's gorgeous--hope you sell a ton!!

  4. Good luck at your craft fairs! Your rings look does your hair! Good stuff.


  5. Can I buy this rings online, not being in Maine?