Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Up for Air

Phew! I'm buried in work, making many lovelies for my summer shows and stock for the upcoming holiday. With almost 70 pieces approaching the finish line and a box of castings schedule for delivery tomorrow, the next week promises to be a flurry of filing, hammering, soldering, and oxidizing. A quick glimpse of my works in progress and my cluttered bench.

button bracelet

the mess that I call my bench

bracelet with boot buttons from the 1930's

Pendant, almost complete and my new favorite

pendant with sweet carved button


  1. looooove these, jen!!!! i loved seeing some of them in person on sunday too!!! the button bracelets are absolutely gorgeous--i think they're my favorites!

  2. Love the pendant with the carved button. You have been super busy and it shows. Great work!

  3. It all looks beautiful, I thought you dropped off the face of the Earth, haven't heard form you but you have been obviously VERY hard at work. It will all be worth it, awesome job Jen!

  4. i love the bottom pendant. just lovely!