Sunday, December 13, 2009

7 Days

I just arrived safely from the busiest week ever. I've chronicled parts in photos...

A holiday open house last Saturday. 50+ folks and kids joined us to kick off the season with nibbles, punch and a glass or two of wine. Everything went smoothly except the deviled eggs (the very same eggs that consumed much of my Friday morning....note to self: fresh eggs do not peel well) were never put out. I'm done with deviled eggs.

Beautified the abode inside and out with bows cut from our garden and surrounding woods.

Snow! The first significant snowfall arrived. Both the dog and AnnaB enjoyed a snowball toss and catch game. I did not enjoy shoveling.

She stole my gloves. We are seriously underprepared for this winter. The girl needs:
bibbed snowpants
warm parka
smart wool socks
earmuffs (this is her request)

A trip to LL Bean this coming week!

Winterworks at the Hope Spinnery in Hope, Maine. Thanks to Bill for hosting this event!! This was my last show for the year. A great collection of vendors in a most beautiful venue.

Caps from Dory at Worthy Goods. I know someone getting one for X-mas :)

Quilted coasters and multi-purpose cloths from Kirsten at Anabelfuzz. I know someone who will be getting an Anabelfuzz smock, too!

Lovely bonnets from Anabelfuzz as well!

And to top of my week with a sweet note, the most incredible chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers. Pure heaven. My sister and I shared (believe me, it was difficult not to run away and savor this all by myself) milk chocolate "bark" with peanuts, ground coffee beans, and a light sprinkling of sea salt. I think I have found the world's most perfect food!

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  1. I'm glad someone else has discovered the world's most perfect food. I know I've been enjoying Kate's chocolate ever since she moved out Isle Au Haut.