Monday, December 1, 2008

It's December?

Wow, this year has accelerated! What happened to autumn? Where did the sun go? Yikes! Guess what we woke to this morning? S-N-O-W. This is our first snowfall this season that "stuck". A fitting way to start the first of December (however, waking to sunny skies and 65 degrees would have been fine with me, too).

I logged in many studio hours this weekend, preparing inventory for a upcoming show. One of life's great thrills, in my opinion, is crossing off items on a 'to do' list. My pen did overtime! I plan to list a few of these items on Etsy and save some for the craft show.

This was another great thrill for me: I was notified this morning that I am the Etsy Maine Team Artist of the Month! I'm grateful, excited, humbled, elated, dumbfounded...just tickled pink! Thank you Maine Team!!! You can check out the blog here. I wrote 2 articles for the blog in November...check them out!

Lastly, how can it NOT be December...look what we brought home! Family tradition indicates that we MUST get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and so we did. No, it is not up yet...maybe on Wednesday. Wishing you all a happy, peaceful December.

my little family


  1. Wow, just one look at your studio table and I can see you were really busy this past weekend. Congratulations on your etsy stardom...way to go.

    The picture of your daughter & hubby is great...thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations!! That is fabulous! It looks as though you were VERY busy this weekend.