Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Merry

Ah, December 25th. After a flurry of shopping, making, wrapping, cooking, decorating, and stuffing, the day is here. At 36 years of age (ahem, almost 37), all this Christmas hoopla has become an almost tedious ritual (I know, I'm grinch-ish..but don't stop reading and click off in gets better).

Leading up to Christmas morning, Annabelle, our child of almost 2 and a half, has ooh-ed and aah-ed the various seasonal light displays on our neighbor's lawns: twinkling white, green, and red trees, motorized reindeer, glowing inflated snowmen. She has screamed with delight as she spied Santa in a window, on a card, or atop a snowbank. This morning, she actually KNEW that Santa came and left her presents under the tree!! She surveyed the tree and the presents with eyes, wide with awe. She even peeked around each corner to see if Santa had spent the night. Her smile never faded as she unwrapped every present, wanting to play or read each one before she unwrapped another!

And what was the very best gift I got this morning? I got a renewed perspective. I witnessed all the Christmas glories through the eyes of a mother!!! I experienced my child's hope, wonder, belief, excitement, and gratitude for all things jolly, sparkly, and red. Annabelle's belief in Old St. Nick is pure, fun, and entertaining. Now, I look forward to many more years of decorating, making, wrapping, shopping, and stuffing...just to see the look on my daughter's face on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas from the Quench Bench!!! Oh, and her favorite gift? Mrs. Potato head!


  1. Annabelle is such a sweetie pie. I am so glad you are cherishing all these moments with your daugher...she will grow fast, too fast however.

    Merry Christmas to your whole family.

  2. That is a great story. I love the smile on Annabelle's face, I can see why she won you over!
    Merry Christmas!