Friday, April 17, 2009

MPBN Auction

I grew up watching public television...Sesame Street, Zoom, The Electric Company, and the kind, but quirky Mr. Rogers. As I matured into a teen, I still enjoyed the programing. My favorites then? Cooking with Julia, The Victory Garden, Nova. Skipping to today, it's more about what my daughter wants to watch (and, really, do I have the luxurious time to plunk down in front of the tube...nope). Curious George, Martha Speaks, Caillou, and Word Girl top Annabelle's must-see shows on public Television.

MPBN (Maine Public Broadcasting Network), the very channel that saw me through all those formative years, is holding their ever-popular fundraising auction. The Etsy Maine Team donated an excellent grouping of fine wares for this special event. A big thanks to Lizzy of Lizzyoos for her time and leadership in preparing this auction item.

The earrings I donated are sort of hidden behind the stoneware fish! I looked for a picture of such luck in finding one, but I'll search again later!


  1. I see them peaking out! That's a shame- the fish must have been hungry :(

    Are they button drops? (I like to call them that in my head and now I've committed it to writing)

  2. YES! Button drops they are with oxidized sterling silver florets accenting the flange rivet...hmmm, now to find a pic.