Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vacation, Circus, and Mums

For students and teachers in Maine this past week, it was the cherished April vacation. Without April vacation, schools would be a vast wasteland of wishful thinking daydreamers and irritated teachers. As with every April vacation, we make the trek to my husband's native land of Long Island, New York...and the very best leg of this journey is the ferry ride across Long Island Sound. We were blessed with light breezes, calm seas, warm sunshine, and a happy, rested child for our cruise...and as you can see from the picture, a light load of passengers...we had this side of the ferry to ourselves!

Once back home here in Maine, my sister and I treated our little ones to the Kora Shriner Brother's circus. While part of me abhors the circus (namely the rumored inhumane treatment of the animals), the mother part of me delighted in my daughter's face as she absorbed the sounds, sights, tastes (she did not care for the cotton candy, but ate a whole box of popcorn herself!), and smells of the circus. I think I watched her more than I watched the show at hand!!

Lastly, I have these pendants progressing towards completion fro Mother's Day. I should have them listed by tomorrow afternoon. Simple and handmade with a touch of filigree for the mums out there who take their jewelry with less bling.


  1. Your daughter looks mesmerized at the circus...cute! Love the "mom" pendants.

  2. How fun to go to the circus. Your daughters expression is priceless!

    I really like the Mother's pendant.

  3. that is a precious photo of your daughter-- what wonder and amazement on her face!!

    and love the "ma", "mum" and "mama" pendants--sweet!

  4. p.s-- happy mum's day to you jen, by the way!!