Saturday, January 16, 2010

Buttons and Dots

I finished a few pieces today, photographed them, and played kitchen with my daughter. I love days when I'm somewhat productive topped off with a big slice of playtime with the girl!

Yeah, it's really a diamond. A .21ct cognac diamond...or in plain ol' terms, a brown be exact. I've had this stone for 8 years, patiently waiting for my muse to sing her sweet song. At last, she did and this bit of cognac dazzle found a home!

More stacking yummies. As with the stone above, these cognac diamonds are set in 22k gold. The stuff is like magic putty. It is so forgiving and moves under the burnisher with ease.

Another view of the stacking trio. Working with gemstones is like a new romance. I can't wait to get to the bench again. I find myself daydreaming about diamonds and lumps of sterling. I fantasize about stud earrings and bracelets! Love struck I am and I want no cure!