Friday, January 8, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

What a treat! After wasting a chunk of the morning tackling a piece that will find a home in the scrap bin, UPS rewarded my efforts with a box from Monsterslayer. Much needed wire and sheet, bezel wire, and earring findings. This is way better than a box of chocolates...well, not Black Dinah chocolates but all others indeed.

Have a happy, safe weekend!


  1. ohh! drool. I love monsterslayer, I am quite faithful to them, but I think I have to order some silver from Rio this time because Rio has some other tools I might get that MS doesn't have. I could look at supplies all day!

  2. Thanks for the link to Black Dinah chocolates; they came up in conversation at my last book group, and I meant to check on them. I can hardly wait to try some!

  3. I love tools too! I haven't ordered from Rio in many years. I don't think I even have their catalog anymore....which is a good thing!

    Patti! Happy to supply you with Black Dinah's link....try their peanut/espresso bark. It is sprinkled with sea salt! Dangerously addicting!

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