Friday, May 7, 2010

Mama, Mum, Ma, Mother

Happy Mother's Day.
Yes, a wee bit early, but hopefully I will be far
from the computer on Sunday....
maybe being pampered by my family?

Truthfully, we will be working in our gardens,
planting veggies and seeds in our newly
appointed raised beds, mowing the lawn, weeding the perennial gardens,
swatting the black flies.

In other news, I have finally started to incorporate those
watch crystals into my work.
As much as I like to rivet the buttons,
I craved to actually sew the buttons with thread.
The linen was the perfect addition to fulfill that desire.

To all mothers out there, enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.
This job of motherhood is a challenging one,
but the rewards boundless!


  1. So pretty, and the thread color is very Spring. Happy Mothers Day!

  2. This looks so nostalgic but pretty and fun at the same time. Have a fun time outdoors this weekend... It'll be raining over here in France so it will probably be Mother's Day watching rented DVDs for us :)