Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make Me a Butterfly, Again

Just when I think I'm reaching the finish line, someone tacks on another 10 miles.
Or I twist my ankle.
Or I decide to take a longer route.

Such was the case with the butterfly pendant.
I promised a reveal last week, but in the final steps to completion,
the _________ (enter your choice of expletive here) wing broke.

Thankfully, my client had supplied me with two pairs of wings.
Note to self: agate is fragile and cranky.

Here is butterfly #2.

I had to remake the whole sterling frame
as the wings were not the same size or shape.

You see my frustration, right?

But all is well and little butterfly is
packed away ready for shipment.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Doen't it make you mad when things are going along swimmingly and then something goes wrong and the project takes a nosedive? Been there many times. The outcome, however, is splendid.

  2. Mad? Oh yes....I was steamed and furious with myself. It just slows down the train and everything gets pushed back a week!!

  3. Turned out beautifully but I feel your pain. I thought those things only happened to me. Nevertheless, stunning :: lynn

  4. How frustrating to work so hard and then have to start again. The pendant is just gorgeous--such vivid colors! Your hard work and stick-to-it-ness(?) paid off.

  5. Beautiful despite all the frustration. But isn't that part of the game? My custom orders are cursed!

  6. Just discovered you and your work - it just takes my breath away! Gorgeous!!!!!

  7. Thank you all for your comments! So nice to know that many of you have felt my pain before!

    stregata! Thank you for your kind comment! So glad you are here!