Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hot off the Quench bench!! A friend commissioned this pendant a while back. Oxidized sterling silver, hollow formed and riveted, 3 bezel set diamonds, and bits and pieces from my scrap bin (sort of grunge meets steampunk...would it be called grunpunk or steamunge?).

I'm clearing of my bench, checking off the list, and tying up loose ends as I prepare to vacation! Ah, sun, sand, and palm trees! I'll be closing my Etsy shop for three weeks starting February 1st. I'll be sure to pop into my blog from time to time.


  1. LOVE how this came out--- so beautiful!!!!!! I love the difference in the textures and colors-- so nice.

  2. Very nice pendant. Have fun on your vacation...sun, sand & relaxation sounds awesome to me!

  3. Fabulous! Love that! Have a nice vacation!!