Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Vibes

Drea's cupcakes...oh yummy!

When the stars and planets align to create positive energy, I'm always first in line to absorb it up like a sponge! Last night, Etsy Maine Team members and twins Jamie and Joy hosted craft night (make this part of your New Year's a craft night immediately...the world would be a happier place if more people came together to chat and create!!!) at their Sweetland Retreat....a gorgeous cape farmhouse that they are magically transforming into a bed and breakfast!!! Chatting, laughing, singing, squealing, eating, crafting, eating again, more chatting. Just a lovely night for a gathering! In attendance: Drea, Kim, Peggy, Jamie, Joy, and me!

Dioramas by Kim...more about this in a later post!

Quench needlework!

After returning home from our craft night, I received this email. In short, the following excerpt beautifully summarizes why I create jewelry:

Hi Jen, Someone has already written the story, "The Necklace," I am quite certain. But here is my version. Jen was shocked when she opened her beautiful little package. She even commented on the wrappings and how pretty the tissue
paper was. Then when she saw it, she was couldn't believe it. She was speechless for a second, and then just kept saying she couldn't believe it, and we shouldn't have done that. (All the while clutching it to her.) She wore it several times while home and said she got many compliments. It was very pretty
on her. So, thank you again for creating such a unique treasure for us to give Jennifer.

This is the necklace! A worthy receiver and a generous giver. Both lovely souls who urged me to return to jewelry making! Many heart-felt thank you's to you both for your support, enthusiasm, and good taste :)!

To top off all this good karma, I had a sale today from my friend, Jes! Ah, I'm floating! Here's a good helping of positive energy for you all this evening! ~~throwing good karma dust into the virtual world~~


  1. Yeah, I keep changing my page colors and fonts! Too many combos...I have to try them all before I settle on the "one"!

  2. Stunning necklace!!! What are the materials? I love the colors together!!! I just blogged about an email I got my a customer, too! The stars & planets really have aligned! :)

    I had such a blast at craft night! I can't wait to come to yours!!! Pajama craft night! Wait 'til you see my jailhouse pjs!


  3. Gorgeous necklace!

    Craft night was amazing! We had another hometeam craft night last night, too. We can't get enough! Looking forward to craft night at your house, too!

  4. Necklace is nickel silver and 18k gold. I love nickel silver!!!! Not a favorite metal for most jewelers, but I like unusual materials.

  5. That's cause you're unusual...unusually nice! I can't wait to come over your house and see your studio!

  6. First, those cupcakes looks so delicious! Second, the necklace is beautiful. What a great email response about your jewelry...keep doing what you're doing Jen.