Monday, January 26, 2009

My Latest Obsession

Between cleaning cream cheese smears off the cabinets, scrubbing marker off the walls, and managing daily home life chaos, I have been thinking about photography: namely, my photos in my Etsy shop. Quite frankly, photos are everything on a site like Etsy. Your photos need to be clear, well-lit, creative, and capture a potential buyer's eye in a second. I have the clear and well-lit part down...but creative? Not really. A smart use of props would help in that department, but, I'll admit, the idea gets my brain all frazzled. Currently, my backgrounds are paper, mostly gray and consistent (read: boring and unimaginative).

So, I am on a bit of a quest to include props in my photos: a quest to bring life to my work: a quest to develop a bit of a storyline. Honestly, my head spins thinking of all the possibilities: rocks, gravel, rusted tools, shiny tools, fabric, thimbles, eggshells, nails. In the meantime, I would love to share some of the best (of course, this is my opinion only) prop usage and photos from Etsy.

Above is a photo from Metalsgirl's Etsy shop. Shop owner Laura has a several listing using models as props...fitting, right? The photos depicted wildly vibrant jewelry on, what I deem to be, very hip, edgy, sassy women. Photo credits go to Casey Laura's words "her awesome photographer"!

In this photo, I adore the juxtaposition of the stark white background against the model's bronzed skin. Then, there is the pop from the vibrant pendant's displayed on her neck. Excellent use of a model!

Kathi Roussel employs odd little knick-knacks in many of her photos. This ring is clearly the focus, but there more: a worn, pink miniature bed...sans the mattress, a blurred background of a hot pink boa, perhaps? My attention immediately focuses on the ring, but I want to know more. What's the story with this little bed? Why a flash of pink in the background? Her photos are sweetly mysterious and, when viewed together in her shop, work wonderfully together!

Another Kathi Roussel creation...anyone else interested in what is going on beyond that settee?

Littleput Land's Scrabble tile pendants are all photographed and propped identically. Rock, moss, pendant, rock, moss, pendant. Together on the page, the repetition translates to calmness, much like a zen garden. Ahhh. ( creds go to Joy of Ribsmalone!!)

Annie from Imogene and Annie photographs many of her pieces on book pages. In the photo above, I love how the crisp text and illustration compliments her pierced designs. Romantic with a slight pinch of playfulness.

One of my favorite photos and listings on Etsy. The balance of lighting, props, and pendant drew me in at once. I clicked and discovered even more charming photos in the listing!!

Lastly, this is one of my latest creations. I grabbed this miniature pitcher from my grandmother's collection and popped it into this photo. I'm liking this little splash of color, but I'm not convinced that mini pitchers will be my props for future photography sessions! Do you have any prop ideas for Quench's photos?? I will gladly accept all suggestions and comments!!! Thanks in advance!!


  1. Thanks so much for the nod! I really appreciate it. Funny, you pick all etsy aretists whose work and photos I love and admire.

    Your work is incredible!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on the photos that I took for Littleputland. It was rather relaxing to be photographing rock, moss, rock,!

    I love your photography in your shop. It's so clear, clean, and to the point. Maybe a good prop would be clay, like your red pot, or glass -- some vintage bottles. Or something with soft texture like feathers to set a backdrop that softens up the metal? That might be fun!

  3. Thanks Metalsgirl and Joy for your comments!

    Joy, I had once played around with vintage bottles...maybe I'll go back to that again. AND, feathers!!! That's a fabulous idea!

  4. I suggest using cupcakes as a background. Pink ones! With sprinkles. Or just use me as your model. America's Next Top model has taught me all I need to know!

  5. Original oil paintings! I know where you can get a few! hahaha-- Honestly though, I *love* your photos already! Like Joy said, they're so clear and beautiful.

    But sometimes you just feel like jazzing up your shop-- I hear ya! I've been switching up the pics, too, keeps me interested!

  6. I loved the collection of photos. They are all creative!

    As for props or backgrounds...textured fabrics can add depth and color, along with ribbons. Natural props like rocks, grains(rice, wheat,barley etc), beans.

    You might want to visit your local library and checkout some books on photograpy or maybe some art books as well. Good luck.

  7. Hi I wanted to stop by an introduce myself. Also, this gold heart ring is absolutely STUNNING!!!

  8. I don't have the clear and well lit part down yet. I am so stressed about the pictures and am at a loss. Maybe I need a better camera - I am using a little Canon Powershot SD750 which is a great camera. I just think I don't know one single thing about photography and the settings to use. Can anyone give me some advise please. Thanks so much, Sally ps I have the tent and two flood lites but don't even know how to properly use them:>}

  9. I LOVE your ring at the end!! so lovely. (: x