Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fluffing the Shop

I conquered a snarky graphics program on my PC (grrrr...) to make a more professional banner for my Esty shop. As a do-it-yourselfer, I'm quite tickled with the results. The bottom banner was the winner. Oh, and by the way, I had eight total, but only burdened you with three. Now, if I could just settle on a look for my blog....

I've been tweaking, fluffing, and virtually dusting the shop this week. I reshot a bunch of items with efforts to creating more visually appealing listings and to change the background color to gray on many items. I still would like to add props...but what? Wooden spools, stones, rusty washers, dioramas, sewing notions? The challenge is to commit to a theme/ or story with my work. ~sigh~ Not an easy task as my work embodies vastly differently expressions from my life's journeys. Perhaps a road map or chart would be in order....hmmm.

Another new listing! A 3 bangle piece from the Dot Collection! I LOVE THIS! If I didn't list it, you can imagine where it would be right now...dangling from my wrist and banging against this keyboard, of course!


  1. I like the new banner! It fits your style.

  2. I liked the banner too. Isn't it fun to start a new year with new ideas?

    The three bangle is very nice...I like.

  3. Clean and fresh!!! New blog banner too! Thanks, friends!

  4. love these little bangles - actually all your work is wonderful! I found you through Maine Arts Commission - glad I did!