Friday, March 6, 2009

Cellar of Stone

In the process of studio moving, I've seen the light! In the past 15 years, I moved my studio (read: cumbersome benches, steel tools galore, torch set with heavy tanks, and an extremely heavy rolling mill) a backbreaking 8 times....of course vowing NEVER to move it again. However, life is unpredictable and those 8 moves were unavoidable.

So, this is my enlightened part: I discovered that there are items, never used, stashed away in my studio, and have been there for all 8 moves. Why do I hold onto these things? Files, hammers, engravers...never to be touched. AND, gemstones. Lots and lots of gemstones. And gemstone beads. I went through a purple amethyst, red carnelian, and bullet-shaped cabochon phase, stocked up, and used one or two in a piece. Now, I have an embarrassing amount of stones and I'm quite certain that I'll never use them.

As a part of my studio destashing efforts, I opened a new Etsy shop, Cellar of Stone! Lots of gemstones, beads, and the occasional odd bit. I'll be listing a few items each week. Be sure to check it out!!!


  1. jen--- i am in the same boat---you are wise to unload. i have drawers full of stones and unused items! so silly to keep hanging on. i say pass them along. good going!!

  2. Jen love your blog- and your jewelry- absolutely beautiful!
    I have just recently started metal smithing (after 5 years of stringing and beaded jewelry making.
    I have taken several classes and hope make good use of my new acetylene torch!
    Hope you continue to post on Etsy your destashed items its nice to find small quantities of stones at resonable prices.
    Keep bloging,

  3. susan,

    I'm happy you have found my new shop (and blog!)! I WILL continue to list new items everyday...keep an eye out for shiny baubles posted in the afternoon!

  4. kathi,

    it really wasn't an easy decision, but in the end, in know the stone will be used...something that I would have never done!