Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moving Update

Just a few boxes, one rolling mill, and a solid maple bench (calling in more muscles for those two) and the move will be complete! Look at that light! Look at that floor! Look at that wall color (it's called Contemplation by Behr)! I'm giddy!

While I adjust to my working quarters, my bench will be a bit junked up with the odd box or tool. However, I found just enough space last night to start on a customer's ring and I'm super eager to continue this morning!

So, I leave you with this:
10 Things that Make Me GIDDY!

1. coffee: French Roast with raw sugar and cream
2. sunlight!
3. daylight savings...we sprung ahead! YAY!
4. our family portrait by Little Pink House (more to come on this!)
5. "my" flock of turkeys
6. temps above freezing (melt, snow, melt)
7. my daughter's giggle
8. new friends
9. collaborations (more to come)
10. AND, blogging, of course!


  1. I love your "10 things that make you giddy"...how clever. Number 1 was right on for me!

    How exciting to move your work quarters upstairs where you can enjoy sunlight...good for you.

  2. AAWWW JEN!! That looks GREAT!! Definitely beats the basement. I can't wait to see it.

  3. Wow- so organized- are you able to keep it like that all the time???
    Love the bench- can I ask where you purchased it?

  4. Susan, I got the bench in Providence, RI called LK Goodwin


    I checked out the prices....yikes! I bought mine 15 years ago and was a lot less!!!

  5. yay for sunlight and a beautiful studio! i'm happy for you!

    and i love your 10 things...