Saturday, March 21, 2009


During our fifth season here in Maine, aptly called Mud Season, I yearn for inspiration in any form. Yes...I know...spring is around the corner but is hesitant to make her appearance. Brown, spoiled, mud-splattered landscapes replace the brilliance of snowcover. When the crocuses delay their emerging and the rains never fall to wash away this unsightly muck, I turn my attention towards creative avenues that distract my bleak opinion towards nature.

Last Mud Season, I focused on felt and embroidery (which ultimately inspired my return to jewelry after a LONG hiatus...but that is a story for another post). This year, I have teamed up with Kim Brennan of Helping Hands Pottery and a fellow Etsy Maine Team member. Kim has created miniature dioramas depicting pastoral farmsteads and forests. She approached me a over our usual Wednesday night brew to design settings for these sweet little sculptures. I heartily agreed and a collaboration was born.

I receive much joy and fulfillment working with a comrade, creating splendid items. The moment when her dioramas find homes in my ring settings is much like spotting the first crocus of spring....a harbinger of great things to come!!!


  1. Great post Jen! I love the rings that you two made together.

  2. Like peanut butter meeting jelly...perfect!

  3. LOVE the collab... and especially the shot of the Depot ;)