Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Work, Old Work

Perhaps it is the longer days, or the receding snow, or the single blooming yellow crocus in my garden...whatever 'IT' is, I have been inspired to devote more time to the creative process and less time wallowing in the late winter/early spring blahs I experienced a few weeks back. Now that the studio has risen from the dank cellar, production time has increased (with the occasional scolding for my dear girl now that we are sharing space..."This is mama's: Don't touch that: Those are sharp!!") More new work to come in the following weeks!
1. more daylight!
2. rainy days and nights
3. parenting birds (see #9)
4. fiddleheads
5. asparagus
6. lambs!
7. prepping the gardens
8. new growth from my perennials
9. watching the eagles (watch out! this is addictive!)
10. making Easter Eggs
How does Spring sing to you??

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful pieces...I love the earrings.