Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beach, Burn, and Cupcakes

Away from the bench and cold we are.
Nothing like a break from the long, gray New England winter.

Of course, first thing we did was play in the sand and collect seashells.
And yours truly got a rippin' burn.
I'll never learn.

Even though we are miles and miles away from the studio, my Etsy shop is still open.
And I'm doing business as well!
Also, a Quench piece has also made an appearance on Craftgawker.

And lastly, a sweet treat.
We happened upon a cupcake shop today called Frostings.
Oh heavens!
Vintage candies, homemade cupcakes, old-fashioned lollipops....
my girl was thrilled to get her own for dessert!

Vacation is good!

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