Friday, November 14, 2008

It Has Come to This

I have this romantic notion that a messy bench is a productive bench. A place where mere sketches transform into tangible objects, where problems are conquered, where the imagination knows no boundaries. All that changed 2 days ago.

After feverishly working on commissions and inventory, my bench resembled a demolition site! With tools strewn about, filings amounting to small anthills, and projects scattered nither tither, I lost organization and found chaos. I forced myself to stop making and start cleaning. Now, I have a simply lovely, clean, organized work space. All my projects have there own little work in progress tray (left over from my art education days). I prioritized all projects and felt the burden of disorganization lift!

Here's a preview of new work to be listed in my quench metalworks shop in the next few days. I invested in a photo studio so I can now take pictures INSIDE my home, ANY time of the day! I'm giving the studio a test run today. Wish me luck!

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