Friday, November 21, 2008

'Tis the Season Preview

A cold and quiet evening here in Maine. I'm avoiding the studio and blogging instead! The temperature is 20 degrees and falling. Yikes! Winter will soon arrive. The pics below are a few winter/holiday themed items I'm creating for the Etsy Maine Team Holiday Challenge. I'm not sure why its called a 'challenge'...its more of a promotional tool.

That little 3 tiered guy is my minimalistic snowman.

Red coral and pearl cluster, the best colors for the season.

My version of snowfall...sorry for the yellow tint. This is a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L piece.

Italian wool cowl
When I'm not working in metal, I am knitting. This has been an on again, off again hobby of mine for 7 years. I have a shameful amount of fine Italian yarn stashed in all corners of our home. This funky, colorful Italian wool will be a shaggy cowl when finished (I have unraveled it twice...don't ask).
5 Helpful Items from my week:
1. hand lotion
2. mouse traps
3. hats
4. chamomile tea with honey
5. my flex-shaft
How about you?


  1. Those are all lovely! (I esp. love the snowflake pendant...)

    and 20 degrees and falling? brrrrr!

  2. Wow, you knit too! Amazing.

    Helpful items this week:

    Lots of coffee
    Good Sleep
    Fresh air
    Body Lotion & Lip Gloss

  3. The works in progress are beautiful. Helpful items of the week...Computer (work related), hot chocolate, hand lotion, electric blanket, and chap stick

  4. Hello! I just came over from Etsy, and wanted to say that I like your blog very much! I'll add it to my blog roll. Best of luck to you!

    Amy (choci on Etsy)