Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Stormy Evening's Ramblings

Wicked weather here tonight...I may not get through to the end of this post before the power goes off, again, however, I'll attempt to finish and post. Lights are flickering!!

Latest news from my 2 yo: she learned how to climb out of her crib today! Oh jeepers! So, we'll convert to the toddler bed this weekend and hope that our mornings will not start at 4am with the pitter-patter of little feet running into our room! Also, she has embraced the tantrum like a professional. I give into NO part of her ploy, but she's working it as though she senses my weakness. ~sigh~

In shop related news, I am playing around with props in my photos per the suggestions of a fellow Etsy mate. I come from the school of barren and minimal: let your work do ALL the talking. BUT, in the world of virtual shopping with hordes of competitors, image IS everything. She (who has some of the most divine work that I have seen in a while) suggested that I try creating a "lifestyle" in my photos. So, here's my first attempt. Wooden spools of thread from my Gram's sewing box. Hmmm. Maybe next photo session I'll use chocolate truffles so I can reward myself when it's over!


  1. I like the props, good suggestion, although I think my ears make pretty good props too. Cheers to the flickering lights and howling winds in Maine.

  2. Your little girl is sooooo cute. So she climbed out of her crib....now the fun starts. Be prepared cuz you probably will wake up at 4 am to a little person standing next to your bed looking straight into your face. Fun, fun, fun!

    Nice spool pictures. Hope you don't loose electricity tonight.

  3. Love your work, Jen! And what a sweet handful of daughter. Can I come see your stuff sometime?

  4. Tainter...no, we didn't lose power, but a huge amount of rain. Our sump pump is still running.

    Kathy! Of course you can come and see my work! One look at your blog and I knew who you were :)