Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pardon me as I crawl out from this messy pile of work to blog a bit. Wow! Busy week...good busy. Friday, my daughter and I drove to Maine's jewel of a coastal city, Portland, to stock up on some jewelry essentials. When in town, one must make a stop at JS Ritter Jewelers Supply. From mallets to mandrels, beads to burnishers, they have what this jeweler needed (which was medium flow silver solder, sandpaper, brooch findings, and round sterling wire). My firecracker of a 2 year old found what SHE needed while mama shopped: a well-stocked children's play area . What a bonus!

The cuffs from my earlier post are complete. And ~sighing a deep sigh of relief~ the customer loves them!!!! Thank goodness for the wonders of digital photography and the Internet.

This was another commission I just completed for an old RISD friend. She's happy, too!!! Happy customers are a very good thing.
10 Helpful Items from my week:
1. my space heater
2. warm socks
3. my little camera
4. my rusty washer collection (more on this later)
5. coffee, coffee, coffee
6. naps, for my girl, not me
7. my burnisher
8. steel wool
9. my fine 1/2 round file
10. my dishwasher (a Bosch if you would like to know)


  1. I really like the cuffs and the neck piece. Doesn't it feel good to complete projects?

    I love bead supply shops. You were very brave to take "Lil Missy" with you. Sounds like she was a very good girl for her momma.

  2. The cuffs are beautiful, I love them! The other bangle for old RISD friend is really pretty too. 10 things I lived with last week:
    10. Vehicle
    9. GPS
    8. Coffee
    7. Left over Halloween candy
    6. Stethoscope
    5. Computer
    4. Friends
    3. Many shows on Tivo
    2. Electric Blanket
    1. Sunday cheat day
    Those are in no particular order.