Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chain gang

Chain making today. There certainly was no 'gang' involved, unless me, my 2 canine comrades, and a replay of the debate on NPR passes for a gang. While time consuming and repetitious, the process of chain making is my mind yoga. I completely relax, clear my thoughts, and focus on the moment.....OM.
Here's a question for ya. Why does a color ink cartridge with 5 colors and in total more ink than black cartridges cost $7.00 less than a black cartridge? Just a random question, but one that I pondered today as I shelled out far too much money for ink at Staples.


  1. To answer your question Jen, I think it might cost more to actually make black ink. It always bugs me too because I go through a lot of black and color ink cartridges at my library and the black always cost are right.

    Hey by the way, I love your jewelry, nice pics too. It sounds like you are a busy momma. My two kids are in college now so that's why I started my blog.

  2. OMG girl, your own site! I'm thrilled to see you blogging too - keep up the awesome work. Your blog looks tres fancy - just like your jewelry.

    Love from your mysterious friend from Maine... ;)