Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Back

These last two days have been challenging. The little princess of the house decided that napping is wasteful and she would much rather play, or eat, or generally work on her early evening meltdown. So, mama's time in studio has been close to nil. ~sigh~ This week's 'to do' list remains intact...and has grown longer with NEXT week's projects.

However, I just finished this necklace 20 minutes ago, now that dinner is done, she's in bed, and all is quiet. I should be jumping for joy, right? If I had only waited until tomorrow: awake, freshly showered, and a mug of hot coffee for fuel. This lovely necklace's center piece button is unquestionably OFF center! I thought it looked centered (did I mention that I DID NOT have my glasses on? duh), marked the spots, and drilled. I even made 18k gold rivets! In the morning, I'll have to drill out the rivets, and fix this somehow. geez...

This bracelet above was a commission from this past summer. I thought this design would be a nice addition to the Vintage collection, so I have 3 ready to list next week on Etsy. I could try to work on them tonight, but with the above disaster (ok, not quite a 'disaster') looming over me like a dark cloud, I think that they can wait.

Now that I have finished boo-hooing my mistakes and time issues, here's 5 things I'm thankful for:
1. My family, awake or napping
2. My glasses on my face, not in the other room on the table
3. A warm home on a cold, rainy night
4. My friends
5. Memories

Sweet Dreams!


  1. You know Jen I enlarged the pic and I still can't see your boo's a beautiful piece. The bracelet is nice too. I showed your jewelry to my co-worker who also makes jewelry....she's into wire wrapping. I hope to buy a piece in the future.

    I'm thankful for the life that God has given me!

  2. OH YIPPY! I figured out how to do this. I LOVE your blog Jen, very witty, I chuckle while reading. I also love the bracelette. I'm so very proud of you, your a shining star. Love you!!