Saturday, October 4, 2008

Let the blogging begin

So, here I am starting a blog...something I thought that I would never do (never have the time, patience, or enough to say). So why blog, Jen? Since I am starting my business, I have discovered (duh) that the web is an extraordinary tool to connect with customers and folks interested in my work, jewelry to be specific.

This is a short entry today as I am heading to Rhode Island to visit with some jeweler friends from RISD. Monday, October 6th is the start of my experience. I'll be posting new work each day through the month of October. Wish me well!

Eventually I'll add a link to this page and a fancy slide show of my work listed on Etsy. And link to some friends' sties and much to do so little time.
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all that autumn offers! More about Quench Metalworks and me on Monday.

1 comment:

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