Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday

A very happy Friday indeed. This little girl of ours is once again surrendering to the nap. Thank goodness! She also visited Mama's studio today and had a blast painting with big girl paints and very big paper. Mama got some work finished. AND, one of my pendants made the Etsy home page!!! Woo hoo!

My Etsy Maine Team mate, Jen, from Whimsidoodle ( selected my long, simple 3 button pendant as part of her treasury (unsure what this treasury thing is? Go to and click treasury). In an email correspondence, she mentioned this, I checked it out, did a happy dance in the kitchen, and emailed everyone. BUT, it gets better...I logged in later in the day, and there's my pendant...home page of Etsy!!!!! No one has bought the pendant (grr), but it was viewed 299 times. Very exciting stuff !

My darling daughter, as I mentioned above, worked with me in my studio today. She was so well behaved and focused on her painting. I love kids' art. I taught k-5 art in Maine and was a teacher's assistant in college for youth art. I'm all for celebrating youth art. Below are some of our girl's drawings and paintings. These frames are from a large chain that begins with "W". I'm not proud that I shop there occasionally, but these frames are only $4.00!!! Deal.

Here's the pendant, fixed and finished. I found a vintage shell button that had off-center holes...perfect for this piece! I omitted the gold rivets as the sterling rivets worked with the brown button. I'm happy with the necklace. I'm listing this tonight on Etsy.

To end my happy day, my husband did the grocery shopping and I had a nice crisp walk with my sister. Happy Friday, everyone!

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