Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deconstructing the Constructed

After denying myself the pleasure of bench working for several years (due to endless priorities), I plowed into the studio without a plan when my muse whispered to me "Start, NOW!". To make what could be a very long story somewhat short, I cherish the needlecraft arts and the many women in my family who practice or practiced these traditions. Seldom do I sew or embroider...I'm a metalsmith...dirty hands, calloused fingertips and palms, short nails..not the hands of a seamstress. What I can do, is celebrate needlecrafts through jewelry.

So with that renewed spirit and inspiration, I made this pendant. No plan, just a large sheet of metal. Using those buttons from my family's collection, fabric textured sterling sheet, and a dainty, doily-like edge, I thought that this was the coolest pendant EVER. For a little splash, I riveted the buttons on with pink gold. Then, I tried it on...then tried it on my sister...then a friend. Unfortunately, the darn thing looks clumsy around the neck. It kind of reminds me of one of the fancy liquor decanter plaques. NOT the look I was going for. I want my jewelry to enhance the female neck, not make her look like a jug of bourbon.

So, off to the bench we go. I will be deconstructing this piece into several smaller pieces and one large oval, empty center brooch. Once all is said and done, this pendant's vim will live through several other pieces. I'll post some pics when I am finish with the revamping!


  1. I starred at the pendant for a long time, and then I thought, hey, how about redesigning the pendant so it hangs vertically. I really love the pendant, but I agree that it might be more flattering if the pendant goes vertical especially if you want to wear a "v" shape neckline, or a blouse. Just a thought. I love your metalwork.

  2. Hey tainter! Thank you for your thought. My husband agrees with your suggestion, as do I. I have not cut into the pendant yet, so I'll play around with it today! I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your interest in my's an inspiration!