Monday, October 6, 2008

Living and working, podunk style

Today, among other things, was my deadline to list items in my Etsy shop ( The first EVER items in my Etsy shop to be exact. In order to do this correctly, I had a hefty list to complete this to the bank, get ribbon, felt, and tissue for packaging, open a credit account in order to proceed with Paypal (still not completely convinced that Paypal is good for businesses), buy ink for the printer, and lunch with a friend visiting from Arizona (well, lunch didn't have anything to do with my Etsy shop, but it was on the list).

I woke early with the dogs, had my coffee, and prepared for my day. Then the phone buzzes. My day has a snag! My husband went to work with the carseat in his vehicle. Stranded we are! We are a good distance from anything related to my list so walking will not do. So, I pushed back my deadline to October 8th and reworked my day and week. Note to self: buy another carseat, asap.

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