Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Studio Views or Are We There Yet?

Studio view #79 or close to that number, right? This is my big ol' bench. I got this work horse shortly after graduation from an industrial supply company in Rhode Island (this is what we had in our studio classroom and I wanted the same thing for my home studio). Solid, steel legs, hardwood top. There is a custom pull out drawer to catch filings, scraps, and broken saw blades. Two bench pins: one for sawing, the other for sanding and filing. Some steel stakes, boxes of metal parts, my soldering station...everything nicely condensed into a small space.

The picture above is my packaging, sewing, felting, labeling, design, wrapping station (otherwise known as the "clean" work station) tucked into a nook in the spare bedroom. In a perfect world/studio, this would be part of the main studio.

Lastly, I added another project to my on-going list of duties. Soon, I will be contributing to the Etsy Maine Team blog. To me writing provides endless enjoyment, exercise for the brain (because goodness knows my BODY doesn't get near enough), and blogging will be an excellent way to meet and network with Maine's bounty of craftspeople and artist.


  1. I like your studio. It's always fun to see someone else's workspace. The sewing/packing nook is nice and organized...good job.

  2. To spy into your studio is such fun. I like that work-horse table! and are all those little boxes full of treasures in your clean studio?

  3. NO treasures, Sweet Mess. All empty waiting for a sale! LOVE your work and blog!