Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thinking Ahead

New listing in my Etsy shop! Sterling charm bangle with green tourmaline, vintage shell button, and faceted black pearls. Yummy! I really had to hold myself back when making this. I wanted to fill the whole bangle with all sorts of stones, baubles, and, of course, buttons. But, I went with the magic number 3 for this one (I have this thing about 3's and it's multiples...three perennials, 3 vases, 3 planters, 3 cheeses, 3 candles, and so on). There are 2 more bangles on my bench waiting for me to set their stones (a pink tourmaline in one and an orange opal in the other) and rivet their buttons. I might try to making a bangle 'with all the fixins' soon...just to get it out of my system.

I've been thinking a bunch about the holiday season peeking above the horizon. Sort of the old eggs in the basket deal. Do I continue to make work for my Esty shop, OR do I make work for my Etsy shop and a trunk show, or do I make work for Etsy and a craft fair? I wish I could only live in the moment, but my pragmatic Capricorn self will not have any of THAT gibberish. So, I look forward, hoping to choose the right path. And, if you don't mind, please send metalsmithing elves my way to help with all the bench work.

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