Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tools of the Day

This morning was a treat! My girls and I walked 4.82 miles! I suppose that isn't a record-breaking amount of walking or exercise, but, for this chick who is sadly out of shape, was a good dose of oxygen and fitness. PLUS, we all took turns pushing a stroller with a 30+ lb toddler in the seat...that adds something, right? Tonight, we all feel (I have not confirmed with them, but I think from all the griping I heard during the walk I can summarize accurately) SORE....big, cranky toes, stiff ankles, popping hips, tender arse, tight shoulders (from pushing the stroller, of course). Without these helpful tools on our pedicured feet, we would all be hurting far worse (New Balance, if you are wondering...the great state of Maine is home to the New Balance factory tent sale every summer).
Above, this is a quirky diptych of my three partners in action (Al, Laura, and Mom)! I was asked nicely NOT to include pics of their ample behinds in my blog. I trimmed a couple of shots and their wish is granted! It's sort of like the fun house mirror at the summer carnival.

Second tool of the day is an under used oval bezel mandrel...I'm guessing at the proper name as I don't have a supply book or metalsmithing manual within reach. I bought this and its cousin, the round bezel mandrel, many ages ago. When a goldsmith/jeweler/metalsmith has fat cash in pockets, one orders tools. Back in the day, I bought tools with the idea "Maybe someday I'll need this". For a long time, I would pull this set out to oil it and then tuck it back away into the "maybe" drawer. Today, I REALLY needed this. I was not making bezels, but oval links for a necklace. A simple rap with a hammer and the misaligned roundish link effortlessly transformed into a lovely, symmetrical oval! What a time saver! My days are peppered with useful tools. Sneaks, steel mandrel sets, this computer, a rake, my camera, a well-sharpened chef's knife, files, a jeweler's saw and sawblades, a solder pick, copper tongs....I can't imagine how I would get through my day without these little inventions. What tools do you rely on daily?


  1. I thought that was cute how you eliminated the "back sides" of your walking partners. That's pretty darn good to walk over 4 miles. I enjoy walking too, but as soon as the snow comes I don't walk as much.

    So what's my favorite tool? When I'm working with my beading, I use a tweezers that has rubber tips. It makes picking up beads, crystals & spacers much easier. Before I had those special tweezers, I drops a gazillion beads on carpet floor!

  2. I also think it is very cute and thankful that you eliminated the "back sides" of your walking partners, especially because I am one!!

    My favorite tool, hmmm, depends on the time of day, either a cork screw or a stethoscope. I know they don't go together but oh well.