Sunday, October 26, 2008

One down, Forty-nine To Go

Or something like that. I had the weekend mostly obligation free to devote much needed time in studio. I have a Holiday show just weeks away and need INVENTORY! I got this ONE piece finished, but, luckily, many others well on their way. The heart motif was never planned for this pendant, but when life presents lemons, ya make lemonade....~whispering~ one heart covers up a nasty little melt down I had with the torch..oops! A true romantic piece, I think, something that doesn't come easy for designing, that is.

A loyal follower of my blog asked to see more studio pics. After drying the tears of laughter from my sister and mother's eyes, I decided to oblige. Yes, I KNOW ladies, I work in the freaking cold basement with barren concrete floors and walls and I can hardly call it a "real" studio, but it beats saying "Hey babe, I'm going down into the cellar/basement/laundry room/storage area/sump pump corner..." So, I'll post a picture of my ~ahem~ workspace everyday this week.

My husband and I are in agreement that this working area needs to change. Eventually (and I SO wish I could say "before the snow flies"..ha!) I should have a proper studio with daylight and heat and white walls and a real floor and a play space for Annabelle. For now, this space will do just fine, thank you!


  1. Knowing that your studio is in your basement, I'm still going to be a loyal follower, hee, hee! The new pendant is very nice...I would never had known the heart was a boo boo. Thanks for the studio pic!

  2. You are so kind! A true follower indeed!